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Designing the Kitchen by Your Own

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  •    July 15, 2016
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Nobody will argue that a kitchen may be called a core of the house. This cozy nook often becomes a place of gathering of the family and friends. That is why the kitchen atmosphere should be comfortable and pleasant. Moreover, every housewife dreams of a bright, roomy, and multifunctional kitchen. So its designing turns in important and responsible event especially if the kitchen is designed by your own.

Firstly, do a careful planning, i.e. think about the color, arrangement of the furniture, stylistic design and lighting. If you have a small kitchen then a surface of walls, ceiling and floor are better to decorate with the materials of light colors as dark colors will visually narrow the space.

When you have finally selected the color and general style of the kitchen interior then pass to decorative elements. Ceiling may be designed simply and unusually, if it is covered by a cellular polystyrene tile. If the tile is without a drawing, then it is possible to cut out patterns around the lamp from other tiles like flowers, curls. While choosing the materials for kitchen walls, remember that its materials should meet the requirements like reliability, durability, steadiness to moisture, simplicity in maintenance as the kitchen is a place which is constantly exposed to high loading.

In addition to that, the following recommendations of furniture arrangement should not be ignored:

– The triangle rule which provides creating of ergonomic and convenient working area should be observed. Three important attributes like a gas stove, refrigerator and sink lie in the basis of this rule.
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– The gas stove should not be installed too close to the wall; the best way is when a narrow beside table is situated between them.

– Kitchen table with working area is always located between the gas stove and sink. For convenience this table may be equipped with drawers, numerous shelves for pots and pans.

– Kitchen ventilation system is obligatory placed over the gas stove at a height of 70-80 centimeters.

– Washing machine location is required to be close to the sink.

– Sink size should be defined based on an approximate volume of its one-time loading.

Kitchen interior will look originally and stylish if the furniture arrangement is fulfilled in accordance with configuration and size of the premise. So follow your plan and make your kitchen dream come true.

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