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Cozy Private Indoor Swimming Pool

Luxury Miniclip Pool
  •    July 15, 2016
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This time there are interesting ideas about private pool. Take a look at some creative ideas were poured for a private pool design inspiration below.

Just look at the picture of indoor pool with a green exterior walls. The miniclip pool is round shape, with a ground floor pool in floral motif. The pool size is small, and only enough for a few people. Outside the miniclip pool, there’s an area for washing the body, and lights used to illuminate the room with cool lighting that arranged regularly. There is a plant as a sweetener decorating this room.

The floor and walls around the miniclip pool are in light brown and beige colors. Yellow and warm lights are used to illuminate the whole room. Ceiling lights are available for wall-washer, to make the walls look good. In addition, there is a pendant lamp near the desk and chair. On the edge of the room, there are tables and chairs to relax or to eat the dish. Some openings are provided on one side of the room, to enjoy the beautiful scenery outside. In the corner there’s a green plant decoration that serves as a sweetener room.

In addition to use a wall washer lighting, you can also use linear lighting. The selection of the light color can be a warm or cool. If you want more brighter room and everything looks clear to you, you can use cool lighting. But when you want a comfortable and soothing light, warm lighting is the right choice.

Indoor Pool Miniclip Pool

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