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Amazing Laundry Room Design Inspirations

Thibaut Laundry Room laundry room design
  •    July 14, 2016
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Have you ever think that while planning a private house a special premise for a laundry room design should be picked out? Such step is obvious as you will have a special place for gathering linen, washing and drying of the cloths.

Before creating the laundry room, think about its design. Modern designers suggest looking with a fresh view at its design. Do not take it as gloomy and boring place where you put dirty socks and shirts. You can turn it into beautiful, cozy and functional premise.

Usually a small place in the house is allotted to a laundry room, it is also possible to combine it with a bathroom if you have a small house or flat. Wherever a laundry room is situated, it should not be deprived from your attention in design aspects.

Needless to say, that the main accent in laundry interior should be made on its color. Ordinary a laundry room is characterized by a small size that is why it is better to design it in light tints which will visually widen its space. In addition to that, light shades will add freshness and cleanness to it. Moreover, white color is the ideal variant for any laundry; it is also possible to complete it with green colors. A green wall in combination with a shade and drawers will look very stylish. If you want your laundry room to look conservative, light grey shades will add a mysterious restraint to the interior. Those who prefer classical style will make the laundry room design in black-and-white tile.

Creating its design make sure that the laundry room will be far from a living room and bed room. Existence of at least one window will be appropriate for natural lightening and airing.

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